Upcoming/Recent Performances

  Future Commitments

December 16th 2020: ​​​10:00 AM performance at Charming Children Learning Academy

T.B.A: Virtual Puppet Show, Chicago Public Schools

Daily performances in class while at Courtenay Language Arts Center (Chicago Public School whereby Chris  works as a special education teacher)

​​   Recent Performances

​November 21st: 2:00 Birthday Party Show

October 17th 2020: Show for adults in Lagrange Illinois

August 11 and 12, 2020: Little Einsteins Day Care Center (5 shows)

February 29th: 1st Birthday Party!! Day performance

February 23rd, 2020: Bridgeview Community Center Boy Scout Event

Febrauary 6th, 2020: Sunny Days Daycare Center...morning performance

December 8th and 15th: Cheney Mansion Santa's Trolly performances

December 14th: Jon Frankin Miller Post Christmas party performance

November 16th 2019: Birthday Party performance!

September 16th, 2019: Lakeview Arts Festival

September 28th and 29th: Edgewater Arts Festival

July 30th, 2019: Park and Field Logan Square..3509 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

August 9th: I Have a Dream Day Care Center performance​

June 18th, 2019: Chesterbrook Academy Preschool (Lisle, Illinois), "Variety of Short Fairy Tales"

June 9th,  2019: Birthday Party/performing with Damen Avenue Puppeteers!

"Variety of Short Fairy Tales"April 8th, 2019: Wilmette Park District/Kindergarden Enrichment Program

January 28th, 2019: Birthday Party 11:00 AM, "Gators Graduation". 

January 27th,2019: Birthday party performance

January 25th, 2019: Mather's Cafe performance

November 10th, 2018: Two birthday party performances

October 27th, 2018: Birthday party performance

September 8th and 9th, 2018: Lakeview East Festival of the Arts

September 29th and 30th: Edgewater Arts Festival 

August 26th, 2018: Chicago Alderman' s Roger's Park Back to School Picnic

July 13th, 2018: Camp One and One Hundred

July 10th, 2018: Chicago Free School, Hyde Park

June 23rd, 2018: Kindergarten graduation party

March 8th, 2018: Birthday party, Lake in the Hills 

January 24th, 2018: Mather's Cafe

October 1st, 2017: Apple Fest Chicago 

September 23-24, 2017: Edgewater Arts Festival 

September 9-10, 2017: Lakeview East Arts Festival

August 27th, 2017: Chicago Alderman's Back to School Event

​​July 28th, 2017: Park District/Chicago/Special Recreation 

​​July 14th, 2017: Camp One and One Hundred

July 8th, 2017: Sulzer Public Library

April 21st, 2017:  Mather's Cafe'

April 27th, 2017: Marycrest Early Childhood Center

​February 24th, 2017: Niles School District Performance


​​​*​Chris also frequently performs in shows with the Damen Avenue Puppeteers