Chris Krawczyk

Bob Anderson

Artistic Staff


 Bob Anderson is a professional artist. He designed and painted both our Crazy Train and Magic Box Theater. Not only is Bob a good visual artist and builder, but he also has excellent acting and puppeteering skills. Bob is capable of making hilarious character voices, and children respond very well to him. Often, he sings a beautiful teaching song at the end of  our shows! Check out his website by clicking below. 


 Chris Krawczyk is a family man who has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Acting and a Master's Degree in Education. He's been working in the theatre since 1986 and teaching special education since 1999. Chris is a certified teacher with great credentials. He started performing with puppets years ago, when his then very young son responded well to them.  Chris always enjoyed creating characters much different than himself. When Chris discovered puppetry, his passion for the art form grew steadily. Chris Krawczyk is also a ventriloquist who always incorporates the art form in every puppet show performed. Check him out performing the art form by clicking on the link below!