Pleasantly ​​​Portable Puppet Possibilities

This is our newest theater, perfect for use while busking. It could also work well at fairgrounds etc. More information coming soon! 

​Crazy Train Theater

Theaters and Pricing

Strolling Puppet Stage

​​​Our Pleasantly Portable theater is not only attractive but light weight and can be set up and moved easily.  It is ideal for birthday parties, school performances and other similar indoor events. It can be used for small audiences or expanded for large crowd visibility. Witness how truly magic it is when Chris and Bob work together. Hire both Chris and Bob together for 350 dollars.  Please click on the following link and witness us using this theater!

Please contact Chris at (773)494-3872 to discuss your entertainment needs. Also, consider having us provide a puppet manipulation workshop, or an educational discussion after the show. Our shows are enjoyed by both youngsters and adults alike. Possible places for us to perform include birthday parties, corporate parties, libraries, nursing homes, fairs and carnivals, schools, camps, churches and anywhere this old fashioned but contemprary form of entertainment will be appreciated. We have excellent liability insurance through Puppeteers of America and great references.  Check out our theaters, prices and other important details below! All of our theaters can accomodate all of our shows! We also enjoy performing shows for charities. 

The Magic Box Theater is incredibly luxurious and old fashioned. It is as solid and stable as it is beautiful. Just looking at the theater itself provides artistic inspiration. This theater is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events with seating. Performances using this theater make audience feel special,  and both Chris and Bob must perform together to ensure the magic happens. Prices start at 600 dollars with discounts for multiple shows.  Check out a good view of the theater by clicking on the following link:



The Crazy Train Theater is heavy and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It was beautifully handpainted by Bob Anderson the professional artist, and its carpentry solidified by an Amish Bishop.  It is suitable for use at festive places whereby there are folks passing by that want to catch a show. This theater requires both Chris and Bob working together, and the price starts at 500 dollars with multiple show discounts. Please click on the following link to witness us performing in this theater!

​        Magic Box Theater